How AI Is Transforming Defense and Intelligence Technologies How AI Is Transforming Defense and Intelligence Technologies
How AI Is Transforming Defense and Intelligence Technologies
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In the Age of Agile, Feds Rally

In the Age of Agile, Feds Rally

Adopting an agile software development methodology requires a disciplined approach. Agile supports iterative design, allowing for changing requirements and priorities as understanding improves.

Building a Cutting-Edge Supply Chain

Building a Cutting-Edge Supply Chain

Government supply chains introduce special requirements that don’t fit neatly into commercial operations. However, government specialists can still use commercial practices to become more effective and efficient supply chain managers.

Evidence-Based Policy Act Could Change How Feds Use, Share Data

Evidence-Based Policy Act Could Change How Feds Use, Share Data

The global shortage of IT and cyber talent pits industries against each other in a battle for talent. While salary makes a difference and perks are attractive, the most important reasons current employees often choose to stay put are mission, flexibility and good, old-fashioned appreciation.

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Homeland Security

One Big Risk With Big Data: Format Lock-In

Long-term big data projects demand developers take the long view because, as new technologies emerge, existing data formats can quickly become obsolete. Planning and design choices today are critical to ensuring you can adapt and adjust in the future.

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Proactive Resilience: The Future of Cybersecurity

Today’s state of the art in cybersecurity is operational resilience – the ability to keep operating in the midst of a disruptive attack. Tomorrow’s state of the art is what Carnegie Mellon CERT’s Summer Fowler calls “prosillience” – the ability to anticipate and adapt before disruptions strike. Here’s how we’ll get from now to then.

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Pentagon Considering Push to Software-Defined Networking

Brief synopsis of article: The Pentagon is focusing in on software-defined networking to further modernize its networks. The Defense Department’s Joint Service Provider – a relatively new consolidated arm of the Defense Information Systems Agency that provides IT specifically within the National Capital Region – is hoping to improve how JSP can successfully implement a Software Defined Network solution and modernize the DoD network.

Could FedRAMP Approvals Be Used to Buy All Government Technology?

A coalition of moderate House Democrats wants to expand a government-wide security certification process for cloud computing to all types of government information technology, according to a white paper released this week. The proposal from the New Democrat Coalition’s Cybersecurity Task Force would expand the FedRAMP model to non-cloud IT services.

An 18F For Cyber? DHS CISO Wants One

Brief synopsis of article: Department of Homeland Security CISO Jeff Eisensmith wants the federal government to establish a team of cybersecurity experts akin to the General Services Administration’s 18F digital service team.

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