TechNet Europe 2017

The theme of this year’s event is “Cyber Capabilities in Hybrid Warfare Scenarios.” TechNet Europe 2017 will be organised in cooperation with the AFCEA Stockholm Chapter and will be held under the patronage of the Minister for Defence, Sweden (confirmed). With the increasing tensions in the European area, civil-military cooperation is more important than ever. After the fall of the Soviet Union, Europe had seen more than 20 years of increasing peace and stability. Armed conflicts at the European borders seemed unlikely to occur. This led to major defence budget cuts (peace dividend) and a society that viewed management of hybrid crises not to be a high priority. With the current deteriorating situation at the European borders, there is a need to study scenarios including those that could lead to war-like situations. This emphasises the need for an appropriate civil-military Cooperation to master any rapid and antagonistic development.
Kanalvägen 10, 194 61 Upplands Väsby, Sweden
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