Talking Tech: DoD’s New Cyber Force ‘Needs to be Born Cyber’ – Frank DiGiovanni

The cyber mission touches every aspect of military operations, from back office support to front line combat. But it can no longer be seen only as a defensive tool, says Frank DiGiovanni, director of Force Training within the Office of the Secretary of Defense.

Cyber must be an offensive military capability, making skilled cyber forces a necessity. The challenge is how to develop such a force.

“If you are going to build a cyber force, it needs to be born cyber, from Day One,” DiGiovanni says. 

Cyber troops must then be integrated with combat forces, so that commanders can choose cyber from among the military options at their disposal to achieve military objectives, just as they might choose bombs, artillery or an infantry maneuver. Commanders, DiGiovanni says, should see cyber as “just another piece of kit in their war-fighting capabilities.”

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