Talking Tech: Fulfilling Your Journey to the Cloud with Srini Singaraju

As little as a year ago, cloud computing was still a rarity among most government agencies. Now cloud is going mainstream, with more agencies joining the early adopters.

FedRAMP, the Federal Risk Assessment Management Program, has helped ease security concerns, says Srini Singaraju, chief cloud architect in the Health and Civilian Solutions Devision at General Dynamics Information Technology. And success with easier applications, such as email and related office services, is encouraging agencies to look deeper at the savings and service improvement that cloud can offer.

“A lot of government customers are embracing the cloud more willingly now than in the past,” Singaraju says. “Previously, each of the agencies had to go through their own due diligence to ensure that the basic qualifications were met. And now with the FedRAMP ATO process in place … they don’t’ need to do every bit of ground work.”

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