Talking Tech: Securing Your Clearance

Security clearance reform is underway. Continuous monitoring and insider threat detection have begun. But these are still new concepts, and the challenges go well beyond technology.

So says Tony Cothron, a former chief of naval intelligence and now a vice president at General Dynamics Information Technology.
“I used to say, without security, there is no intelligence. I think today, from where I’m sitting, without security there is no success in business, there is no success in government, there certainly is no success in national security.”

Government is collecting ever more data on each person with a clearance. The aim is to make everyone more secure. But challenges remain: First, all that data must be secured and protected. And second, it must be analyzed. “On continuous monitoring, we’re not there yet,” Cothron says. “We don’t have the instrumentation of all the networks, of all the organizations, to really be on top of it and stop the abnormal behavior and stop insider threats.”

It will take more work and more cooperation and collaboration to bring convert continuous monitoring from a vision into a real-time tool.


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