Talking Tech: NGA’s GEOINT App Store with Shana Simmons

Mobile phones transformed the way people interact with Maps and satellite imagery, and now the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency is getting in on the act.

The agency is opening up 80 data sets for commercial access and inviting app vendors to develop products using that data for non-classified military and other government users. Approved apps are supported in NGA’s dedicated app store under its Innovative GeoInt Application Provider Program (IGAPP).

IGAPP was conceived as a way to cut through red tape and accelerate approval and adoption of new mobile apps. To date, two apps have been approved for use on government-owned devices and dozens more are in the pipeline, says Shana Simmons, GEOINT Capabilities Officer at NGA.

“We know this model is turning government acquisitions on its head,” she says. “It is completely different than anything else that’s been done.”

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