NIST’s Ron Ross on Defending Against Cyber Attacks in the Digital Age

Government depends on technology to achieve mission success, for productivity and effectiveness. But we’re living in an age of increasing and government agencies are under constant threat from cyber attack.

“You have to always be on guard,” says Ron Ross, director of the FISMA implementation project at the National Insittute of Standards. “The adversaries can either bring down your capability … or they can steal stuff from you.”

Protecting the technology, therefore, is as critical to mission success. NIST’s security standards and guidelines apply across the Federal landscape. But they are also widely used throughout industry, which employs many of the same products and services as those used in government. In this video interview, Ross explains how NIST fuels this public-private partnership to share best practices and promote secure systems in both sectors.

Hear more from Ron Ross about meeting FISMA requirements and securing the cloud.

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