Evidence-Based Policy Act Could Change How Feds Use, Share Data

The global shortage of IT and cyber talent pits industries against each other in a battle for talent. While salary makes a difference and perks are attractive, the most important reasons current employees often choose to stay put are mission, flexibility and good, old-fashioned appreciation.

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Many Options to Help Clean Up Your Data

For organizations looking to make sense of their data, the first step is to ensure the data are managed well – are consistent, accurate and that rules are in force to keep users from doing anything to undermine data integrity. But whether you’re trying to ensure data quality going forward or clean up a whole history of sloppy data, the choices in the marketplace can be bewildering.

Dirty Data Got You Down? Clean it Up

Harnessing government data to make better decisions is a great concept – but most databases require significant cleanup before they can start pointing decision-makers to smarter results.

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Pentagon is Building Massive Hub of Insider Threat Data

The Defense Department is building a massive information-sharing system detailing national security personnel and individuals cleared for accessing U.S. secrets, to flag who among them might be potential turncoats or other “insider threats.”

DEA Considers Expanding DARPA’s Big Data Program

The Drug Enforcement Agency and DARPA have been working together to create a big data processing system that boosts law enforcement capabilities while maintaining the security of classified information. DEA has been trying to get the final program off the ground since...

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