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Citizens Expect a Consumer-Quality Customer Experience

Citizens expect government interactions to be just as smooth as those of the best consumer service providers. Here’s how some leading federal agencies are answering that call.

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How a Health Information Exchange Could Improve VA Health Care

Health information exchange technologies promise to simplify the transfer of health data from the Defense Department to the Department of Veterans Affairs, paving the way to improved health care – but only if VA leaders act, according to health information technology experts.

Texting 911: Why States Can’t Wait for Next-Generation Services

NG9-1-1 will revolutionize the way the public alerts first responders to emergencies. But for the next few years, as governments line up funding and secure plans for upgrading their 911 infrastructure, those same agencies will have to choose whether to invest in a short-term text-to-911 solution or risk lives by choosing to wait.

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Trump: ‘Bold thinking’ Is Needed To Solve Federal IT Challenges

President Donald Trump is calling for agencies to embrace big change, bold thinking and outsider perspectives to transform government technology. The White House kicked off tech week by hosting 18 private sector technology leaders from companies such as Amazon, Apple and Google at the American Technology Council meeting on June 19.

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