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Unpleasant Design Could Encourage Better Cyber Hygiene

As the federal government and IT security leaders investigate inadvertent disclosures of fitness and location data, can they employ those same concepts to encourage better cyber behavior?

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Could FedRAMP Approvals Be Used to Buy All Government Technology?

A coalition of moderate House Democrats wants to expand a government-wide security certification process for cloud computing to all types of government information technology, according to a white paper released this week. The proposal from the New Democrat Coalition’s Cybersecurity Task Force would expand the FedRAMP model to non-cloud IT services.

One of Air Force’s Most Important Unclassified Systems is Now in the Oracle Cloud

One of the U.S. Air Force’s most important online portals is now running in the cloud.

MyPers, the Air Force’s personnel portal for 1.7 million active duty and retired airmen, civilian and reservists, began operating in July out of an Oracle-managed off-premise cloud specifically designed and secured to handle some of the Defense Department’s most sensitive unclassified workloads.

Electronic Threats from Above

Adversarial capabilities writ large have significantly improved vis-à-vis the United States (hence the necessity of the Defense Department’s so-called third offset strategy). One of these areas causing concern is that of the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS).

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