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Wireless Tech Comes of Age for More Networks

Wi-Fi, microwave and cellular networks are getting faster and more reliable, making wireless networks increasingly attractive not merely for wireless network connectivity, but in some cases even to replace conventional copper or fiber.

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Virtualization Could Redefine the Way Your Agency Looks at Cloud

Software-defined data centers can be a cost-effective alternative to renting commercial cloud infrastructure. Defining the data center in software helps managers escape the tyranny of hardware to become more agile and efficient, while maintaining complete control over system security.

What We’re Reading

One of Air Force’s Most Important Unclassified Systems is Now in the Oracle Cloud

One of the U.S. Air Force’s most important online portals is now running in the cloud.

MyPers, the Air Force’s personnel portal for 1.7 million active duty and retired airmen, civilian and reservists, began operating in July out of an Oracle-managed off-premise cloud specifically designed and secured to handle some of the Defense Department’s most sensitive unclassified workloads.

Electronic Threats from Above

Adversarial capabilities writ large have significantly improved vis-à-vis the United States (hence the necessity of the Defense Department’s so-called third offset strategy). One of these areas causing concern is that of the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS).

Dead Men May Tell No Tales, But IoT Devices Do

Privacy invasions related to the internet of things (IoT) are already becoming reality. In Arkansas, local law enforcement is trying to access the records of an Amazon Echo device as evidence in a murder investigation and has already compiled evidence based on the files of an IoT water heater.

Securing IoT Devices From Within

Security experts have long fretted about the rapidly expanding number of internet of things devices. While most such tools may not contain data that should be protected, many connect to the cloud and represent easy targets for hackers to gain access — not only to that device, but to all other devices connected to an IoT mesh. Clears FedRAMP

The General Services Administration-run hosting platform has completed the final stage of Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program assessment.

FedRAMP Overhaul Begins Paying Dividends

The Federal Risk Authorization and Management Program’s (FedRAMP) new streamlined, simplified process is paying off. The program is boasting increased authorizations and return business, and the new dashboard is making it easier for feds to use the program.