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Do Spectre, Meltdown Threaten Feds’ Rush to the Cloud?

The biggest threat of the Spectre and Meltdown cyber vulnerabilities is the possibility they can breach virtual boundaries, gaining access to multitenant cloud environments.

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DoD’s Acting Acquisition Chief Looks To Purge ‘The Stupid’ From IT Procurement

The new administration’s extended transition process has led to an unusual circumstance in which there are literally zero politically-appointed acquisition officials anywhere in the Defense Department. Such a scenario might seem like an unlikely time for DoD to make major changes to the way it buys information technology, but that’s exactly what the career civil servant who’s currently leading the department’s vast acquisition apparatus hopes to do over the next year.

Local Governments Focus on Cybersecurity After Attacks

Terri Bettinger paid close attention to the recent cyberattacks on the websites of Ohio government agencies, banks and other businesses. She hoped to learn lessons to better defend the information she oversees.

Bettinger is the chief information officer for Franklin County and head of its Data Center, which collects, stores and protects government data from property tax bills to court and medical records. She knows the system will be hacked.

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