Homeland Security

How Feds Are Trying to Bring Order to Blockchain Mania

Channeling federal agency blockchain interest into viable pilots and actionable insights for multiple government users, is the next big challenge.

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One Big Risk With Big Data: Format Lock-In

Long-term big data projects demand developers take the long view because, as new technologies emerge, existing data formats can quickly become obsolete. Planning and design choices today are critical to ensuring you can adapt and adjust in the future.

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An 18F For Cyber? DHS CISO Wants One

Brief synopsis of article: Department of Homeland Security CISO Jeff Eisensmith wants the federal government to establish a team of cybersecurity experts akin to the General Services Administration’s 18F digital service team.

DHS needs better information security practices, audit says

The Department of Homeland Security needs to up its game on information security, according to an audit released last week.

Private sector auditor KPMG conducted after-hours walkthroughs of employee workstations in the department’s Office of Financial Management and the Office of the Chief Information Officer, and found sensitive information — like passwords — left out and unattended.

DHS Nurtures Wearable Tech for Responders

Ten startups will be working on EMERGE 2016, the Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate’s program supporting research and development of wearable technology for first responders. EMERGE 2016 expands on last year’s pilot that accelerated the delivery of the latest innovative wearable technologies for first responders by bringing startups, accelerators and strategic partners together in a common research and development effort.

Census Announces Test Plans for 2017, 2018

The Census Bureau will forge ahead with its plans to tally and mark addresses in fiscal 2017 and with its 2018 tests to ensure that new technologies and methodologies are ready for the decennial census in 2020.

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