Hacking the Election and Other Worries that Keep Intel Chiefs Up at Night

Cyber worries ranging from the integrity of the election system to the end-to-end encryption of digital devices top the concerns of America’s intelligence chiefs.

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Wireless Tech Comes of Age for More Networks

Wi-Fi, microwave and cellular networks are getting faster and more reliable, making wireless networks increasingly attractive not merely for wireless network connectivity, but in some cases even to replace conventional copper or fiber.

Virtual Reality Revolutionizes High-Stress Training

Virtual reality simulation is no longer limited to high-end military training. Costs are scaling down fast enough to make state-of-the-art technology VR simulations possible in a range of state, local and private sector settings, such as fire departments and health care providers.

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Trump: ‘Bold thinking’ Is Needed To Solve Federal IT Challenges

President Donald Trump is calling for agencies to embrace big change, bold thinking and outsider perspectives to transform government technology. The White House kicked off tech week by hosting 18 private sector technology leaders from companies such as Amazon, Apple and Google at the American Technology Council meeting on June 19.

Census Announces Test Plans for 2017, 2018

The Census Bureau will forge ahead with its plans to tally and mark addresses in fiscal 2017 and with its 2018 tests to ensure that new technologies and methodologies are ready for the decennial census in 2020.

Laying the Foundation for a More Secure, Modern Government

America’s spirit of ingenuity and entrepreneurship created the world’s most innovative economy and keeps us dominant in today’s digital age. Indeed, in 1985 about 2,000 people used the Internet; today, 3.2 billion people do. What started out as a useful tool for a few is now a necessity for all of us—as essential for connecting people, goods, and services as the airplane or automobile.